Our Vision

The aviation industry is not getting cheaper and it is our belief that it is in a vicious cycle of increasing costs. Higher costs drive less flying which in turn is driving a need to cover the same overheads with less work.

Here at Istria Corp. we recognise this and with our continuous improvement  background we are aiming to resolve this for the the GA & RA industry sector.

We are very passionate about this sector, especially as Australia is getting smaller and this sector's importance is on the rise. That is why we are preparing ourselves for the future of aviation.

Our Story

Starting out at Lilydale Airport and having a passion for aviation we started out with one aircraft in 2014, now in 2018 expanding into engineering services first and foremostly with a focus on the Lilydale community.

Meet the Team

The perfect A Team is hard to come by, but here we are...


Jordan Poretti

Director & Accountable Manager

"Continuous improvement and process mapping allows us to focus on driving the best efficiency in our business to ensure customer satisfaction is of priority whilst looking after our employees"


Radek Bohacik

Head of Engineering & Maintenance

With over 15 years in the industry and understanding the changing customer needs, Radek is able to translate customer instructions to customer satisfaction.


Nathan Lang

Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Ian Yeates

Aircraft Worker

Timothy Bills

Aircraft Worker

Madeline Stokes

Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Quinn Grinham

Aircraft Worker