Engineering Services

We began our services for Aircraft Engineering in April 2018.

We aim to support the Lilydale Airport community in the first instance and would like to encourage visitors to the airport.

We will offer a hire car and/or Arrow for flight back to base (up to 1 hour flight).

Payment Plans

We strive to be best in class with cost to serve by ensuring we have efficient processes.

At times there may be a lot of work required by nature of damage, prior neglect, upgrades or unforeseen issues.

For this reason we now offer payment plans. We understand how important it can be to get back in the air. We want to support the pilot and owner community as best we can.

Contact us if we can assist you with this.


Non-Destructive Testing is important for ensuring the ongoing lifecycle of aircraft components.

We have business partners who assist in ensuring our ability to completing all NDT services.


This is a very important service for our customer base and we started providing these services earlier in the year.

We cater for a range of requests from troubleshooting expertise, to scheduled E,I&R to Upgrades including cosmetic work on the instrument panel and dash.

Engine & Airframe

We offer scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance services.

Component Overhaul


Proactive Analysis

Returning business is much appreciated and we would like to see our customers return because of the level of service we offer.

We will advise of anything you can do that will improve the lifespan of parts and systems on your aircraft.

If your aircraft is fitted with an Engine Monitoring system, we will tap into the data collected and let you know if we find anything that indicates your engine is operating unusually.

Next Steps...

Contact us, even if it just for a chat. We want to hear from you!